ConqAR - CIS-568 Game Design Practicum Final Project / April - May 2015

Designed and developed an augmented reality based real-time strategy multiplayer game for iOS and Android using Unity, C#, and Qualcomm's Vuforia SDK. Players can project the game onto a tabletop using their device as a viewfinder to observe the play space from different angles and call in airstrikes on enemy units and buildings. Players compete to control territory in order to gain advantages such as placing troops and faster movement speed. The first player to destroy their opponent's base wins.

I implemented networked multiplayer, combat, and AI systems.

Group Members: Megan Moore, Renula MitraStéphane Colas

Independence Run - CIS-568 Game Design Practicum Project / February - March 2015

A top down 3D shooter featuring roguelike elements for PC, using Unity and C#. Included a historical setting, quests, unlockable attacks and special abilities, and multiple difficulty levels. The game takes place in 1776, before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. British robots from the future have come back in time and taken Thomas Jefferson hostage in an attempt to stop the American Revolution. It is the player's job to stop these invaders by solving puzzles, playing minigames, and destroying enemy forces as they assemble a team of the Founding Fathers and race against the clock to save Jefferson before it is too late.

I designed and implemented the main gameplay systems, including combat, AI, NPC interaction, quests, and leaderboards.

Group Members: Megan MooreRenula Mitra

Roids - CIS-568 Game Design Practicum Project / January 2015

Designed and developed a 3D space shooter, inspired by the Atari classic Asteroids, for PC using Unity and C#. The game includes what you'd expect from an Asteroids like game: increasingly challenging levels, asteroids that crumble into smaller rocks, wrap-around-screen navigation, leaderboards, etc. There are some modern tweaks as well, including multipliers that increase your score as you collect them.


Applejack - Undergraduate Senior Design Project / August 2013 - May 2014

Designed and developed a motion controlled educational video game for college calculus students using Unity, Kinect, and C# as the focus of my group’s undergraduate senior design project for Proxemic Technologies, a small game startup focused on university level STEM education.

Group Members: Stephen Gaspar, Matthew Witkowski, Francis McCormick

BAMMM - CS-585 Introduction to Game Development Final Project / August - December 2013

Worked with fellow students to design and develop a Linux based game engine and terminal based strategy game in C++. Players control an army of dwarves and can issue commands for them to mine metals, fish rivers, chop wood, craft items, and even visit the tavern for a drink.


Group Members: Matthew WitkowskiMichael AbramoAlvaro HomeMatthew Konstantinou